Welcome to MyCommunityUSA, a dedicated social portal for apartment residents!

Social Networking

This portal allows apartment residents to connect and engage in a variety of online activities, across thousands of communities nationwide. Using this portal members can:

  • Create and join groups within their community and around the network
  • Post Blogs (Tell the world why their community is the best place to live.)
  • Participate in a nationwide Pay-it-Forward Initiative


Create and manage your personal profile.


Join groups in the network that share your interest.


Tell others about your community and why it's the best place to live.


Follow friends and share resources and activities.

Rewards Program

Our Rewards Program utilizes gamification techniques to engage, challenge, and reward you based on your activities on the website. Every time you login, publish content, leave a comment, rate an advertiser, send referrals, etc., you earn reward points! From your profile page, you can:

  • Track personal points
  • Earn Badges and Rank based on points
  • Buy points using real money
  • Earn points when shopping online


Earn points through a variety of online activities.

Earn Badges & Rank!

Earn Badges and Rank in the network.


Shop online and earn points to your account.

Leader Board

The Leader board tracks top point earners, creating online competition.


This program leverages the power of social networking and gamification techniques to take Paying-It-Forward to a whole new level! Members can engage in virtual Pay-it-Forward activities with residents in their apartment community, and across the network. This is how it work:

  • Member earn points through various online activities
  • Members Pay-it-Forward by randomly transferring points to someone else
  • That person reciprocates and does the same thing for someone else



Post your favorite Pay-it-Forward idea on the Internet.


Share your Pay-it-Forward idea across the network.


Nominate and vote for the best Pay-it-Forward idea!


Pay-it-Forward by randomly transferring points to someone else.

The overall objective is to engage and reward millions of members all participating in, and benefiting from, the Universal Law of Reciprocity - what goes around, comes around!